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After having darshan of Shri Ram and Shiva’s family, we reach the entrance of the Shiva Shakti Temple. Below the temple, there is a Shivalaya (Shiva’s abode). On the upper floor, the construction of the Shakti Temple and Gayatri Temple is yet to be completed.

The Shiv Shakti Temple had a total height of 108 feet, with 32 feet for the conch (shankh) placed on top. Below the structure, there were eight corners (konas), or octagons. Now it is known that the main mystery is that raindrops fall from the sky on the conch, and the water collected from the conch is considered Amrit (nectar) from the Abhishekha (ritual bathing) of Lord Shiva and is distributed to devotees. The water, which falls from a height of 108 feet, ultimately lands on the Shivalinga beneath.

The Shakti Temple and The Gayatri Temple at the top are under construction and intended for meditation and contemplation. The proposed structure is explained as having a conch at the top, which represents knowledge (gyana) from the Vedas and reflects the sunlight like a mirror, spreading knowledge (gyana) all around.